A real message of Renaissance – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow

Simona Celani
23 February 2021
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Un Vero messaggio di Rinascita Ultimate Grey e Illuminating (1)

Discover how to use the 2021 Pantone colors - Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow – on your wedding.

The pandemic has certainly put the entire world on stand-by, but it could not set our dreams aside, as we are so eager and ready to get back making them come true.

As Wedding Planners, we have continued to create magic with our dear couples, even though just virtually, and we are more than ever ready to restart, full of energies and positive vibes, eager to live amazing emotions and feelings.

The Pantone’s color of the year has been influencing the development of products and purchase trends over the last 20 years. Yellow and grey are the 2021 colors and they express energy and balance, resilience and hope, positive attitude and desire to start over again planning our lives with more strength and courage

These two opposite forces get together to launch a real renaissance message as highlighted by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute: “it’s a combination between Ultimate Grey, constant over time, and Illuminating and vibrant yellow (quote.)” two forces that will push us towards a new balance.

Let’s get to know these two colors more in depth.


Wedding trends 2021 Pantone 2021


Yellow has always been associated with knowledge, intellect, attention. In Italy crime books are referred to as “Yellow novels” and even their covers are yellow.

In Buddhism yellow has always been considered as a symbol of wisdom, in China it was deeply related to the emperor in the past while today is connected to birth. In neuromarketing it recalls happiness and joy and everywhere in the world it is related to sunlight.

If we think of the sun and how it is drawn by kids, a central circle with rays radiating in all directions, reaching out as to hug the world. Now more than ever this metaphor fits the current mood as we all need huge hugs.


Grey is traditionally obtained out of a mix between black and white that technically are not colors but shades. So as a result of its “ambiguity”, this non-color symbolizes detachment, self-protection, neutrality. Grey is often associated with a negative connotation more than a positive one and to ephemeral things.

But just as yellow, it represents in full, but in the opposite sense, the period we are living: the state of uncertainty, instability, distancing.

However, let’s not forget that also our “matter” is grey and it is apparently greater in those people that are predisposed to success, so let’s not demonize it completely!


pantone 2021 Moda

I therefore find 2021 Pantone choice really interesting, and leading to multiple considerations, inspiring contrasting wedding moods that can have a great visual and emotional impact on this year’s weddings!

The first thing I can think of is FASHION and the elegant combinations that these two colors have always represented since the 80’s, because everything comes back, evolves, is renovated, and changes with the times.

And I even think positively about a dreary day (which I don’t usually do for superstition, despite the various plan B) dominated by yellow floral arrangements that recall sunshine and positive vibes.


allestimenti floreali 2021

I think of the Amalfi coast ceramics, dominated by yellow and grey together with cerulean blue and gold, creating amazing matches.

Ceramiche Costiera Amalfitana

And what about grey/silver Bridal Shoes matching yellow/gold accessories that enhance dream dresses of stunning brides.

The groom’s accessories can be original too, in a fine and sophisticated wedding held at a natural venue immersed in Tuscan or Apulian landscapes for example.


shoes Wedding 2021
shoes Wedding 2021

And what about the bridesmaids?

Elegant dresses in these two colors create a very sophisticated effect.

The table set up can also be extremely elegant, grey tablecloths matching yellow accessories, table seating plan, a bouquet and all the décor elements of the event. But be careful to not exaggerate, too much of it is never good!

wedding trends Pantone 2021
wedding trends Pantone 2021
wedding trends Pantone 2021
wedding trends Pantone 2021

I hope that by reading this article you can find the right inspiration for a creative use of these colors!  We are already at work! 

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