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Cristiano & Lavinia

A declaration of love under the sky of Rome in mid-December, the video of that long-awaited ring and the joy of hearing her words, the words of Lavinia "Simo we're getting married, I said YES to my Cri"!

Simona Celani Wedding Planner Lavinia

Nino & Francesca

The temple of San Francesco in Gaeta, the wonderful sea, the romantic setting of the “La Librata” location in Terracina ... Thanks Nino & Francesca for sharing this magic with all of us.

Simona Celani Wedding Planner a “La Librata” a Terracina
Vow Renewal

Roger & Amy

Roger & AmyThe time does not pass to continue to love intensely, the time does not pass to want to amaze and continue to surprise those who love each other.This is the most poetic synthesis with which I would like to describe Roger, a very kind and very nice...

Rinnovo Promesse, Simona Celani Wedding Planner  Antonio Carneroli Photographer


Queen yes or Queen no? A title in English not because I want to be a lover of foreign countries at all costs by following trends, indeed, this is an article that wants to enhance our beautiful country and, in my case, my wonderful city, Rome. These days we talk a...

Proposta di Matrimonio Roma, Engagement in Rome Simona Celani Wedding Planner Antonio Carneroli Photographer

How to Elope to Rome

Rome, the destination par excellence I have been a Roman Doc for several generations, I love my city deeply and I know it very well, but I am always amazed to discover places, corners, roads, always different landscapes and my imagination starts to travel for you....

Weddings in Rome, Get Married in Rome Simona Celani Wedding Planner

Destination Wedding in Italy

Destination Wedding, an increasingly growing phenomenon in which Italy is the protagonist, in fact, our country is at the top of the list as a destination for a dream wedding. To request it are foreigners who choose the Italian locations for history, art and beauty...


Baroque Tendency Wedding 2019

Marriage that will amaze all your guests? Choose the Baroque styleLet's start from a very important first consideration, how many of you hearing about the Baroque trend in Wedding 2019 and approaching it know that, at the beginning of this precious artistic...

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