Cristiano & Lavinia

Simona Celani
20 March 2022
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Cristiano & Lavinia

A declaration of love under the sky of Rome in mid-December, the video of that long-awaited ring and the joy of hearing her words, the words of Lavinia “Simo we’re getting married, I said YES to my Cri“!
How many times have we fantasized about this wedding!
She, my precious and tireless collaborator Lavy, during the weddings of my other dear couples, always imagined what hers would be like.
A difficult year and a half, many tears and desperation for a Virus that has only postponed a dream that never stopped, many laughs in our phone calls and in the funny faces we sent on Whatsapp.
Simona Celani Wedding Planner Lavinia
Simona Celani Wedding Planner Lavinia

July 11, 2021

… a dream come true, more beautiful than ever, in the scenery of the wonderful Sutri, in a Co-Cathedral that smelled of Flowers and Love, in a wonderful village that welcomed us for two days with open arms, surrounded by the dearest affections, by irreplaceable friends, from families.

Simona Celani Wedding Planner Lavinia

A princess and her prince,

a cloud of flowers that was the setting for a wonderful surprise Dinner Show, strongly desired by the bride’s mother, a party in the woods complete with cushions, lanterns, Krapfen and two professional tattoo artists who have engraved an indelible mark who, of that day, wanted a memory forever!
FOREVER like the love of Lavinia and Cristiano.
Simona Celani Wedding Planner Lavinia

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Together we will build the Wedding Day tailored for you, keeping in mind your history and the little big details that made it unique and special so that we can bring them back to this important and unforgettable moment.

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