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Simona Celani
29 March 2019
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Destination Wedding, an increasingly growing phenomenon in which Italy is the protagonist, in fact, our country is at the top of the list as a destination for a dream wedding. To request it are foreigners who choose the Italian locations for history, art and beauty but also many Italians living abroad who want to return to their land for the most beautiful day.

When talking about Destination Wedding a very important thing to keep in mind is all that goes beyond the organization of the event itself, namely the management of the huge number of presences arriving in our country. This involves a great job in terms of reception, stay, transport and long-range travel, overnight stays and tourist activities to make the future spouses and their guests spend unforgettable days. There are all the bureaucratic procedures linked both to the religious and civil ceremony, the synchronization of the times with which the suppliers will realize this dream and we will have to do it managing the absence of the spouses in these decisive moments for the marriage. And above all it will be of the utmost importance to fulfill all the wishes of the spouses.

A Destination Wedding that respects itself, precisely for this reason, the need for a well-prepared Destination Wedding Planner capable of managing such a complex machine at 360 °.

Favorite destinations

The favorite destinations of foreign couples are Rome, the Tuscan hinterland, Venice, the Amalfi Coast. Lately Puglia, Sicily and the splendid Sardinia emerge, regions that give way to the future spouses to be able to range from the Villas and historical residences, to the Masserie, to the beaches with romantic and suggestive foreshortenings.

Sicily is booming especially thanks to the Baroque Style in vogue this year, the marriage of famous couples who are setting trends by choosing for example Noto, the wonderful Taormina or San Vito Lo Capo. Sicily is chosen above all for the marvelous sea, for the climate and then we inevitably fall in love also with the millennial history that characterizes it.

Tuscany is chosen above all by the English, Americans, Germans and Canadians. Land with breathtaking views of the countryside both inland and on the sea, with unique artistic and historical attractions. It has unparalleled food and wine tours that make your stay unforgettable and your holiday in Italy truly unique. The Chianti area with its historic cellars allows you to taste the products directly from the producer; San Gimignano and Volterra attract with their historic villages; Florence, Siena, Lucca with the major museums and the greatest works of art. And it is only recently that the whole area that is called “Maremma Toscana” is enjoying great success.

In this regard it is with great pleasure that I share my blog with a colleague and friend of Follonica who is currently carrying out a project related to Destination Wedding in Maremma.

Serena Tosi and her Infinite Love

Serena because the Maremma could get out of that provincialism of which you often talk to me and be one of the future goals of our dear spouses who come from abroad?

“I’ve always lived and worked in Tuscany. My Maremma is one of the wildest and most interesting geographical areas of Italy. Living here means living with thousands of hectares of woods, olive groves and vineyards. Nature is the master and anthropization can hardly be seen, all this makes my land the ideal setting for Destination Wedding.

Those who choose the Maremma to get married certainly do not want to find Florentine Medici Villas or Baroque Residences of Rome, the luxury that is breathed here is linked to the warm welcome, to the food produced at zero distance. It is not infrequent in fact that banquets are prepared with vegetables harvested in the organic garden or that the wines tasted at the reception are great local labels recognized as excellences in the world or that the gift of the spouses are bottles of local olive oil.

In short, Wild is perhaps the best term to define this land, just think that here the plumes of the pampas grass, so fashionable in the current floral proposals, grow practically on the edges of the streets. “

Serena what does it mean for you to create a floral setting in this wonderful context that is your Maremma?

“Creating the flowery scenery for a wedding in Tuscany for me means exalting our sublime panoramas with poetic frames where Greenery is king. Ramage of olive, eucalypthus and false pepper intertwine on arches and poetic circles of English roses and blush-colored peonies that blend with the skies of the wonderful local sunsets. On the tables so many lights of flickering candles because during the reception the magic of the ceremony must continue, be they long imperial tables or round tables, the centerpiece compositions recall the nature that surrounds all around surrounds spouses and guests.

If you were now talking to a future foreign married couple and you had to define the style of a wedding in Maremma seen by Serena Tosi what would you say to them?

“The Style is elegant, uneven, a sophisticated Natural Garden Style that appeals to those who want to surround themselves with love and spontaneity. I would define an Authentic style, this in my opinion the term to keep in mind when it comes to Wedding Destination in Maremma. A place still niche, out of the noisy traditional tourism destinations, pampered by professionals in love with their own land. “


Precisely this love is giving life to a beautiful project these days, can you tell me what it is?

“The project is called DWAM acronym of Destination Wedding Alta Maremma, dwam is a word of Scottish origin which means” daydream “. A project born from the desire to develop the local Wedding Destination, to offer you, Wedding Planner, the support of impeccable professionals in the area. Let the world know how fabulous it is to get married here and nowhere else. My flowers speak of my land, a wonderful emotional viaticum, a key element, magical doors to wonder “.

Do you know Serena? if I were a future foreign bride, after hearing you tell about your land, I would not hesitate a moment to choose the Maremma as the setting for my wedding!

As a Wedding Planner, passionate about her work and the beautiful country where she lives and works, I am happy to be a spokesperson for these wonders, a bridge between foreign spouses and you collaborators who allow me to learn more about these territories. I am honored to beg to work in such magical places that envy us all over the world and with great professionals like you.

Working where everything is still AUTHENTIC in a period in which authenticity is scarce, in areas that allow us to realize a dream with open eyes.

Thank you.


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