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Simona Celani
13 May 2022
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Diego & Sara

January 2020, a phone call from Milan with a voice with a very familiar accent. Diego from Rome and Sara of Sicilian origins, two wonderful guys who decided to get married by the sea in Rome in June.

Do you want to know how I became their Wedding Planner?

In addition to our beautiful call zoom, the trigger, and I only discovered it after the wedding, was my detailed estimate and the entire work plan in Excel. I immediately conquered Diego, the mathematical mind of the couple and a boy with contagious humor. Sara, very sweet and patient, allowed herself to be totally guided in this difficult path.

Diego & Sara Matrimonio
Diego & Sara Matrimonio

March 8, 2020

 I’m not here to remember the women’s day but an event that shocked Italy and the whole world: LOCKDOWN.

In an instant, all the dreams are shattered, followed by months of planning without knowing where and when to make the wedding, without being able to move, without enjoying this planning process to be done together.

So we started our adventure, closed at home, looking for all suppliers only online, to tell and support us in this absurd period for everyone! We then met in the summer when we were allowed to go out, with the wedding already postponed for the first time in September, with all the unknowns of the case we continued to hope and coordinate step by step with all the suppliers.

A second postponement, the dates as crazy pawns of a lady from which it was increasingly difficult to checkmate. However, we continued to smile together, always, every day with Diego who in addressing the floral discourse told me that for him the best flowers were PUMPKIN FLOWERS, everything else was nothing !!

Diego & Sara Matrimonio

Finally the date July 2, 2021, exactly a year and a half later !!

The Cathedral of Sant’Aurea welcomed the ceremony of this couple who still decided to marry with a religious rite and fulfill the dream of becoming husband and wife regardless of the reception that they would postpone to a date to be defined.

Destiny wanted that, with all the restrictions and precautions of the case, the party could also be held and everything ended in the beautiful space of the Vlounge in Ostia. There will not have been the pool party they wanted so much and despite the dinner and the dances with due distancing Diego and Sara have crowned their dream by concluding the party with a 7 Veli cake in honor of Sicily, completely made of chocolate with red fruits to garnish the everything.

It was a complete sharing in a moment that we will always remember, but the strength and desire of this couple and all the others who lived with me will remain forever most absurd programming imaginable.

But love always wins, I believe in the miracles of love, and these victories are true miracles of love.

Thanks Guys you are in my heart.


Diego & Sara Matrimonio

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Together we will build the Marriage tailored for you keeping in mind your story and the small great details that made it unique and special so that they are present in this important and unforgettable moment.

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