We continue our journey through the fabrics for wedding dresses, small simple notions thanks to which the future bride can become more aware of the characteristics of her dress and get more serene and determined to the choice in Atelier.


The word Taffetà derives from the Persian “taftah”, past participle of the verb “Tàftan” which means to twist, weave, intertwine.

Taffeta’s Characteristics

I simply explain a fabric as it is composed to better understand its characteristics.
Plot and Order are the essential elements.
The weave consists of horizontal threads that in a fabric range from selvage to selvedge and intersect with the warp that develops longitudinally and determines the width according to the number of threads and the length based on its length.
Now you can better understand the fact that Taffetas is characterized by a higher warp density than the weft. It is a silk fabric, with an almost rigid structure, very shiny and luminous, rustling at every movement, very light and shiny.
It is beautiful monochromatic but when you will notice many wonderful reflections it will be because it is structured in a polychromatic way, obtained by using yarns of different colors in the weft and in the warp.
The classic is in silk, satin, chiffon, muslin but also exists in artificial and synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, viscose)
Princely and fairytale, white or ivory, wide or narrow, the wedding dress in Taffeta was the protagonist of dream marriages left in our history.
The Romy Schneider in the “Princess Sissi” film of 1955, Audrey Hepburn in “Cinderella in Paris”, Lady Diana in her marriage to Prince Charles, the wonderful Grace Kelly in her marriage to Prince Ranieri and for the latter it is even told that 23 meters have been used for the skirt and the train.
For the youngest I want to get to the modern “Sex and The City”, or to the wonderful Anne Hathaway in the movie “My Best Enemy”
The Taffeta is particularly suitable for creating bridal dresses with a very strong cut, important models for modern princesses and dresses women with round and abundant shapes very well.