Guillaume & Deborah

Je serais très intéressé par vos services pour demander ma femme en mariage.
Je serais à Rome le week-end du 1er avril.

What’s more romantic than the French language, than a message from a man in love who every year for 7 years, on their anniversary, amazes his woman with beautiful surprises.

And yes, because he knows that she loves them very much, she loves sudden, unexpected, romantic things and this year I am in Rome and it is here that on April 4th he would like to ask her to become her wife.

A romantic getaway awaits them, a private Mercedes with driver picks them up and takes them to a magical place… the Argentario!

Guillaume e Deborah Proposta di Matrimonio
Diego & Sara Matrimonio

April 4th

Mon Amour,
Depuis le jour où nous sommes rencontrés, voilà maintenant 7 ans jour pour jour, j’ai l’impression de vivre un joli rêve. Tout autour de moi me semble plus beau, différent, la vie à une nouvelle saveur pour moi.

My love, from the day we met 7 years ago, I feel like I’m living a dream, everything around seems more beautiful, different, life has a new flavor for me.

Thus opens the marriage proposal of Guillaume to his sweet Deborah.

The sea that she loves immensely surrounds her, together with her man on a boat in front of the islet of Porto ercole. The message in a bottle rising from the water, a second boat approaching and playing their song with an exceptional Saxophonist in a tuxedo… Perfect, I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know she shares mine dreams, i hope someday i will share her home! Baby, you are perfect for me.

Days waiting for the best weather, with the hope of the wind in favor, the right wave and a plan B ready in an elegant resort. Arriving in port, the captain told us that perhaps we would not be able to do the desired tour and dinner at sea by candlelight, the wind did not turn, despite the beautiful day. Until the last we would have tried everything for everything and… just like a miracle of love in which I believe so much, everything calmed down.

Two wonderful hours to remember forever, an intense emotion that of Deborah that moved all of us, the fake crew staff in order to justify photos and videos that have left an indelible memory in them. At the end of dinner, the return to the port, the return to Rome, who knows how much emotion in these two hours of return trip!

Guillaume e Deborah Proposta di Matrimonio

Je tenais à vous dire que Déborah a passé sa meilleure soirée et c’est la première fois en 7 ans que je la vois pleurer autant que ça, et ça m’a énormément touché

I wanted to tell you that Déborah had the best night of her and this is the first time in 7 years that I have seen her cry so much, and she really moved me.

Vous et tout le monde avez vraiment été aux petits soins pour nous et surtout pour deborah et je ne saurais jamais vous remercier pour tout
You and everyone have really taken care of us and especially Deborah and I will never be able to thank you for everything.

Well …. believe me Guillaume, you did it leaving us the emotion that we still carry around us, you and Deborah entered our hearts.

We are all waiting for you for your wedding in Italy.

Guillaume e Deborah Proposta di Matrimonio

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