Mauro & Anna

Dear Simona,

My name is Mauro and I’m looking for a Wedding Planner in Rome who can help me to propose to my Anna.

I explained to Mauro that my wedding proposals are all customized and made according to the story of the couple and, in cases such as this, to the passions of the future bride.

I told him how I work and it was immediately love.

Mauro & Anna Proposta di Matrimonio
Mauro & Anna Proposta di Matrimonio

Mix of Ideas

The first thing I do is ask for a list of things that the person to whom the surprise is addressed loves. Every details, even the smallest, can inspire me.

  • The story of Up
  • Yellow tulips
  • Vegan cuisine
  • Molecular cuisine
  • The Italian singer Francesco Gabbani

A mix of ideas that immediately created the perfect idea in my head.
A wedding proposal that, at Mauro’s request, had to be made in the ease of a typical day so as not to arouse suspicion and reveal the surprise in advance.

Mauro & Anna Proposta di Matrimonio

Villa Pamphili

A walk to Villa Pamphili, a bistrot with vegan cakes on a Monday afternoon at the end of March.

A canopy exclusively for them surrounded by yellow tulips, a young Scout like Russel and the polystyrene house identical to that of Carl & Ellie, made as a casket to be able to hide the beautiful engagement ring inside, the magic of many coloured balloons to make it fly.

A music that comes from far away, guitar and voice for them. The lyrics of an Italian song by Francesco Gabbani:

“C’è un posto che tengo nascosto per te
Un posto che sta qui da sempre
C’era già prima di me e c’è ancora
Si apre per noi eternamente ora
Oh oh oh eternamente ora”

(There’s a place I keep hidden for you
A place that has always been here
It was already there before me and it still is
It opens up for us eternally now
Oh oh oh eternally now)

Mauro & Anna Proposta di Matrimonio

Anna said yes!

Mauro on his knees before his Anna to declare eternal love for her just like that of their love song and the protagonists of Up story.

Anna said yes, as excited as ever in front of the man who will soon become her husband.

The surprises are not over because a candlelight dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant awaits them with another gift for Anna; a love letter in the form of a scroll, the most beautiful words from the heart of a man in love who can’t wait to marry his “Ellie”.

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Together we will build the Marriage Proposal tailored for you keeping in mind your story and the small great details that made it unique and special so that they are present in this important and unforgettable moment.