Molly and Gervin’s Greenery Wedding in the Castelli Romani

Simona Celani
26 September 2023
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Simona celani wedding molly gervin



10 October 2021

And so began the extraordinary adventure of Molly and Gervin.

“Hello! My name is Molly and my fiancé and I are planning on getting married in Rome this July 2022. We live in Houston, Texas (USA) but my fiancé is an Italian citizen and most of his family lives in Rome and Latina.”

These two extraordinary lovers entrusted the realisation of their dream completely to me, despite being thousands of miles away in Texas during all the months of planning.

“We will never have the opportunity to come to Italy before the wedding,” was one of the first important things they communicated to me!

Simona celani wedding molly gervin

The Trust


This vote of confidence was an honour, but it brought with it a double responsibility and a double focus to help them choose every detail, from the perfect church to the ideal location for the reception.

In those moments, I empathised with them and with all those who, on the other side of the ocean or unable to come to Rome at least once, blindly rely on us professionals.

In situations like this, I thank technology and social media for allowing us to move forward through video calls, phone calls, WhatsApp messages, PDF files and images from Instagram or Pinterest, sketches, emails and so on.

Even the menu tasting was done remotely, involving the aunt and uncle in Latina to get feedback from a trusted person on the ground.

Simona celani wedding molly gervin

WOW effect


We started with a church in the heart of Rome, but eventually found our refuge in Ariccia, at Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo, and a beautiful location in the Castelli Romani, the Vecchio Podere.

Molly and Gervin had a vision of a ‘green’ wedding, with lots of candles and lights. Dinner was served in the secret garden of the venue, keeping the surprise of the setting to the last and giving everyone a WOW effect.

It was a carefree evening with friends, singing, dancing and beer, enjoying a bit of Texas here in the Castelli Romani.

Guys, you are in my heart.

All my love,

Simona celani wedding molly gervin

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