Nino & Francesca

There are encounters that mark a destiny, or perhaps more than one. They get in your heart in such an explosive and immersive way that it becomes so difficult to describe them.
Nino & Francesca represent a human journey of inestimable value for me and for my job as a Wedding & Event Planner.
I met them for the first time in Rome in September 2020, when the global situation in the world was one-of-a-kind that we all know. They asked me to be their Wedding Coordinator because they were afraid of all the consequences that the pandemic could create but mainly because they had very specific ideas in mind for their
wedding day and they needed practical support and very detailed planning.
Simona Celani Wedding Planner a “La Librata” a Terracina
Simona Celani Wedding Planner a “La Librata” a Terracina

Then, suddenly something extremely shocking and unexpected happened

for which they had to suspend the planning of their dream.
With courtesy and discretion I made them understand I was by their side; that in that delicate moment of their life they could count on me, that I would not only take care of the organisation of their wedding but I would also be something more for them.

I felt that a very special relationship could arise between us. In January we saw each other and virtually “hugged” each other tight by looking into our eyes; and their eyes and hearts and souls – better than words, which often fly away with the wind – silently screamed a LOVE greater than them, an INFINITE love!

Simona Celani Wedding Planner a “La Librata” a Terracina

We started a wonderful journey together,

made up of lots of laughters, of a timing studied in detail to the last second, of surprises for guests, of dance classes and basketball games!
Basketball, did I say Basketball?
You can imagine my face when Nino told me that, together with all his friends, he was a fan of this sport and that an electronic basketball would be sent from America to let all guests play at the end of the evening with shoes change and adequate equipment!

Behind the cards on the seating chart – elegantly enriched with the wonderful perfumes of Dr. Vranjes Firenze – we hid the symbols that would define the two teams by surprise and by chance.
Involving the guests destined to this unexpected basketball game was lot of fun!

Simona Celani Wedding Planner a “La Librata” a Terracina

The temple of San Francesco in Gaeta, the amazing sea, the romantic setting of the venue “La Librata” in Terracina, the bright and joyful colors of flowers and lights going from fuchsia to green and from gold to amber, the beautiful sunset, the magic that this couple created around them made their wedding day truly special.

Thanks Nino & Francesca for sharing this magic with all of us; it was a great privilege to join your happiness!

THANK YOU for this immense gift!

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Together we will build the Wedding Day tailored for you, keeping in mind your history and the little big details that made it unique and special so that we can bring them back to this important and unforgettable moment.