Alberto & Margherita
Simona celani wedding planner anniversario di matrimonio.

Will you marry me again?


When I saw you arriving, so stunning as you are, I thought it would be impossible that you could notice me among so many people!

When Margherita saw him for the first time, surrounded by  many people, she immediately understood that man would become the love of her life.

His accent though, did not bode well for a love story, Alberto was Spanish.

Her eyes and heart were kidnapped by the elegance of this man of far origins.

True love knows little of life’s difficulties though; it knows neither time or space. The only thing it knows and its only big desire, greater than any adversities, is to find another true love.

Simona celani wedding planner rinnovo promesse di matrimonio
Simona celani wedding planner rinnovo delle promesse
Simona celani wedding planner rinnovo promesse di matrimonio

An awesome Wedding Vows Renewal

September 2019.

They said yes to each other surrounded by many people!

During a party in Rome, surrounded by their loved ones and by the perfumes of the Iberian spice, saffron of the Mercado de Maravillas and Sorrento lemons and citrus fruit, they promised eternal love to each other and decided to create their own family.

A perfect match, theirs!

On the occasion of their first wedding anniversary they decided to renew their vows, wearing new cloths, in a different place of the heart. An intimate ceremony, made of intense moments, looks and smiles framed by the amazing Abbey of San Galgano, in Val d’Orcia.

All the elements of this place seemed to be the perfect scenario for this love story. The history of this Cistercian Monastery and its architecture, the Saint Graal, the Sword in the Stone together with the amazing surrounding natural park that is a World Heritage Site provided the perfect background for these two fugitive lovers who seemed to have been transported to the modern times by a time machine.



Beyond time and space

We do not know what they said to each other, beneath that veil that united them in one of the most important moments of their renewal, we did not ask them and prefer to leave it to their memories.

For us it was enough to be with them, follow them and make their dream come true, thankful for the chance of being part of a timeless and spaceless love story.

Simona celani wedding planner rinnovo delle promesse

Thanks to…

Thank you so much with all my heart to:
Photographer Antonio Carneroli;
Floral Designer Serena Tosi Infinito Amore;
Bride dress Silvia Moretta Wed Lab
Hand-Made Jewels Guinevere Vines
Fedi Francesco Corsi
Location and Special hospitality Agriturismo & Casale San Galgano
Make-Up Magnolia Centro Estetico
Hair Stylist Antonella Parrucchiera
Personal Skin Beauty Officina Estetica di Coralli Lucia
Rent car Vintage Tours Toscana


Together we will build the Renewal of Wedding Promises tailored for you keeping in mind your story and the small great details that made it unique and special so that they are present in this important and unforgettable moment.