Family, Love and Friendship


20 September 2018 at 20:52

” Good evening, Mrs Celani, I’m contacting her because I “fell” on her web page “.

This opens one of the most beautiful e-mails received so far and from here began another wonderful project of my life as a Wedding Planner.

The email continues ” I’m not sure why, but before asking you for information on the organization of a wedding, I feel I have to tell you something about us ” ….. obviously everything else will always remain private and intimately imprinted in my heart and I hope in the heart of those who wrote it, the bride Tanina Lombardo.

The spouses who decide to rely on a Wedding Planner look for an emotional and empathic impact with the person who will guide them for months in the realization of their big dream.

Wedding organizers do not have a magic wand but must have the ability to do one thing simply and carefully: listen.

Tanina and Emanuele immediately conveyed to me the desire to want Ceremony and Reception in the same position and to be surrounded by Nature because they already had in mind the wonderful message that they would have asked me, shortly afterwards, to represent.



Three values ​​symbolized by three structures of natural Greens representing three trees in three fundamental points of the event.

  • The family tree in the Church
  • The tree of love in the botanical garden
  • The friendship tree as a final greeting on the table of wedding favors.

However, a Wedding Planner alone can do nothing and this is where the great professionals come on stage who, like a team game, work together for a single goal.

In this case the central message of my spouses was related to flowers and nature, so I introduced the guys to more Floral Designers who would all have been able to grasp that important message.

They were empathically magnetized by Floral Designer Serena Tosi and her Infinito Amore.

Serena did not make a “normal” quote but sent a video to the spouses, she painted live her interpretation of their wishes. Propose participations, favors and thanksgiving tags totally made and written by hand, making the prototypes a real gift, the number zero totally customized for the spouses.

The participation had written the key words of the first e-mail that Tanina sent me and the wedding favor a special picture of which I will tell you at the end of this blog, donated on a cold November evening, the evening of the menu test.

It was great to share the first emotions around a table!

We enjoyed the excellent food and good wine offered by International Catering and it was from that moment that we realized that a real team was forming, in which the spouses were and would always be an integral part.


The FAMILY in the Church: two trees, the majestic to their left to represent the great family, all those who, present behind them, were witnesses of the great love that would have united them forever.

A semi-arched arch that framed the painting in front of the spouses and that leaned elegantly over their head as if to bless them.

On the left the small tree of the new family that was being formed, the two of them, a new nucleus symbolized by white flowers, fresh and delicate.

Below them a garden of Nelumbi, poppy capsules, white roses and sea lilies, I had for a moment the feeling that the water was flowing in that enchanted point, framed by the light of candles, it seemed the representation of the Song of Creatures… a praise to God through nature.

At the exit of the church guests were taken to the botanical garden in the center of which was dominated by the tree of LOVE with white greens and butterflies, under them small boxes with 12 real white butterflies waiting for their first flight, their first moment of freedom and around in a semicircle a hug symbolized by the word LOVE.

A moment of sharing and remembering, the family united before starting the party.

The event was a succession of emotions, from the Tableau de Mariage with gold writing on polycarbonate always made by Floral Designer and Calligrafa Serena Tosi, to the room where round and imperial tables alternated, high triumphs and compositions of nelumbi, avalanche roses, scabiosa and golden berries, ferns and acanthus, bunches of grapes, all to recall the splendor of an ancient Roman symposium.

One thing out of time, a classic banquet, like the bride and her Peplo.

The party ended with the FRIENDSHIP tree, thanks for sharing an important day, the wedding favors were paintings with white trees and butterflies in 3D that framed an important phrase for the spouses “Always be like trees in bloom” the phrase of a grandmother who saw the films of the ancient Romans with her niece, dreaming of escaping from her home and feeling like a Goddess.

A tribute, a memory that since that night has become part of many families who will remember not only having attended a wedding but having been part of a rich journey of feelings and emotions.

To finish tag to greet the guests “Thank you for giving us the wings of friendship … Friendship is a gift


A special thanks to Serena Tosi and to all her staff without which all this could not have come to life.