Villa dei Quintili

Wedding Venue Lazio 

Villa dei Quintili: Woody Allen has defined it among the most beautiful villas visited and known


Villa dei Quintili, located in the beautiful Appia Antica area in Rome, where the Spanish details of its architecture are due to the kinship of its owners with the Spanish royal family. This location will be the exclusive and refined setting for your wedding in the name of elegance.

Spaces and Capacity

The large halls of the villa, enriched by the designer Marco Gobbi in the seventies, with busts of Roman emperors and neoclassical furniture, offer an environment in perfect harmony with the landscape that surrounds the structure. At the residence, you will have the opportunity to organize your wedding celebrations both inside the building and in the suggestive park, characterized by a large lawn and lush vegetation.

The Catering

Villa Quintili, in its elegance, employs professionals able to guarantee an impeccable catering. On request it is possible to assure the work of great chefs of international fame.

The care is always meticulous: from the coffee break of a company meeting to the reception with over 1000 guests. At Villa Quintili every reception is a unique opportunity. The Fiorucci family management is attentive to the most varied needs and supports you in every need, with personalized services, in order to guarantee an event that remains in the memory of all the participants

Film set chosen by great directors, Woody Allen has defined it as one of the most beautiful Villas visited and known, Villa dei Quintili also hosts events for Bulgari, Ferrari, Mediaset, Rai and many other world-famous companies.

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