Wedding Trends for 2018

Simona Celani
10 January 2018

Well Found and first of all Happy New Year.
2018 is a very special number for me because the 8 represents the infinite, my lucky symbol, I wish you a pinch in every sphere of your life.

To start the first few pages of this year together, I can only tell you about the Wedding trends of the current year.

The Esterofilia in the world of Weddings increases every day of importance, especially with the affirmation of the figure of the Wedding Planner also in Italy, figure until recently little understood.

Many Trend Marriages come from America and we as professionals in the sector can not neglect them, we must take note of them and above all rework them through the elegance and creativity that characterize our Bel Paese.

The word WEDDING is also used more and more, considering the broader meaning of the term with respect to the word MARRIAGE.

So why not talk to you about the most significant trends that come to us from overseas?

First Look

News still slow to understand and accept for those who, like Italian, is linked to the traditions and is also a bit ‘superstitious is the First Look that is to meet before marriage to spend some’ time together. More accepted the First Touch, meet and talk to each other without perhaps seeing behind a wall, a door or even with the groom blindfolded.

I guarantee you that the emotions that will overwhelm you in these two moments will only take away from you any slight rethinking related to the superstition!


Another novelty directly from America is the wedding in three days that begins with the so-called Rehearsal, a “rehearsal” dinner the evening before the ceremony with all or almost all guests, then continues with the wedding day and closes with the Brunch the next day to greet everyone.

I experienced this experience in September in Tuscany with my Canadian couples, even for a week, and I assure you have been unforgettable days for everyone!

In these cases there could be a Budget speech to be evaluated together, but do not think it is an impossible choice, indeed! For this reason I used the conditional, because in some structures (villages, farms, farmhouses and farms) it can cost even less than a single day in a blazoned Location and above all give you even greater emotions!

Three Looks

Let’s play with three dress changes, Ceremony Dress, Dress Cut cake and Dress for party. The Italianized option is the Two Looks, a wedding dress that magically transforms for the dance evening to feel at ease and totally in the mood of the festivities.

For these changes look a surprise effect could be the Colored Wedding Shoes in harmony with a detail of your outfit, with the color of the bridesmaids dress or with the leitmotif of your event.

Wedding 4.0

We are every day more and more Social, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others are now part of our daily lives. We say good morning, goodnight, we share joys and sorrows and then why not the most beautiful day of your life?
You can create prizes contest with your friends, Hashtag of your wedding to publish photos directly on Instagram, create a Wedding Website with which to travel with your guests the key stages of the preparations ………… .I recommend however, without revealing the details too much!

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