Wedding Day Coordinator in the time of Covid

Simona Celani
15 March 2021
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Wedding day coordinator

Wedding Day Coordinator ai tempi del Covid

Why this blog?

Because I tangibly feel a need that many couples have during such a destabilizing period. I regularly receive emails from anxious couples deeply concerned about re-organizing their wedding.

Last year, due to Covid, many of these couples, not assisted by a wedding planner had to reschedule and to manage the entire situation on their own. An absurd situation, to say it mildly, that Governmental decrees did not explicitly clarified.

Not to mention abstract rules, doubts about wearing masks or not, having more or less than 30 people, about what could be done and under which conditions…

All this was worsened by contracts containing strange notes denying couples to reschedule, lost deposits, and so much stress for coordinating all the vendors that were in turn trying to set up their own new agenda!

The wedding day is a couple’s most exciting day but it can be also very stressful; and in 2021 this stress is being increased by the uncertainty that they are experiencing on their own skin.

Therefore being assisted by a knowledgeable and competent professional able to ease concerns becomes a priority.

If on one hand wedding planners often struggle to make people fully understand their value, on the other hand they must continue to educate their clients to make them better understand such important role, and a good way is to start explaining the role of the Wedding Day Coordinator.

What is a Wedding Day Coordinator?

The first definition that I would give is “the couple’s best friend on their wedding day”, the one that will handle every single details, coordinate the team of vendors selected by the couple, ensuring that the event will run smoothly without hiccups.

Which is then the difference between a wedding day coordinator and a wedding planner?

The wedding planner is confirmed at the early stages of planning and provides full-service assistance throughout the entire period leading up to the wedding day.

The wedding day coordinator is a professional wedding planner that is hired when the couple has already planned the wedding on their own and needs someone able to coordinate everything close to the date and on the event day.

This service can vary depending on how much work is still to be done in order to have a perfect wedding planned. As a professional, I only accept to be a coordinator no later than a month before the wedding, if the couple has already completed 90% of the planning and has been very organized and precise.

This is the time needed for confirming all the details with the vendors involved, be in contact with them and know their projects for the wedding, for outlining a detailed timeline, and clarifying the vision that the couple has for their wedding. In other cases, the coordination tasks can also be longer.

So please be wary of those who tell youwe will catch up a few days before the wedding!

Wedding day coordinator

The tasks of the Wedding Day Coordinator

The coordinator has the task to ensure that the couple gets exactly what they desire and although is not totally involved in the project design because was hired at a later stage, is an expert able to guarantee that on the big day everything is in the right place at the right time.

To this purpose the coordinator will define a detailed timeline ensuring that the event is perfectly scheduled, that all the professionals involved know the program of the event so that they do not interfere with the work of the rest of the team and finally that there is enough flexibility in order to respond to any needed changes.

In this way the couple will enjoy the most important day without worries!

I hope that reading this article you can consider the idea of using my professional figure, it could be a great gift that you give yourself to repay yourself for the sleepless nights and for the many energies you have used to manage this period.

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