Wedding Planner, what do you do?

Simona Celani
24 January 2019
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I see you, you are a future bride and you are thinking about how to organize the best day of your life and you are already looking unrestrained about what can do for you.

You’re with an agenda and three thousand notes, read forums, blogs, you’re reading me and you’re thinking that this is yet another blog in which you try to explain what a Wedding Planner does.

I tell you something … it is!


Because there is still so much confusion, the Wedding Planer, the Event Planner, the Wedding Designer, the Wedding Organizer and the arrival of so much daily information falsified by impromptu on duty trying to acquire clients with false promises, comes to life.

Promotions, discounts and packages thanks to which your wedding, like that of another and another and another, can be made with the same budget, the same quality, the same professionalism and be EXCLUSIVE.

Believe me if I tell you that the adjectives Same and Exclusive do not get along, the exclusivity has a cost and who will tell you the opposite is a liar.
The cost certainly varies depending on your needs, only you decide how you want your wedding, whether or not a wedding luxury as you use to say at this time “historic” organization of weddings, and especially how much you want to spend.

The Wedding Planner will be able to keep your budget fixed, not because it has a magic wand but because, listening carefully to your words and therefore your needs, will manage it from the beginning together with you making you understand if what you want to achieve is really adequate to the budget itself.
A little psychologist, a little friend, mother, sister but above all she who will have the ability to turn your words into concrete things, saving you stress, time and money.

From the first moment in which you will tell your dreams you will immediately get an idea of the suppliers that will be suitable for the realization of your whole project, from the Location, to the Catering, to the Floral Designer, to the Make Up Artist and so on.

It will never affect your choices but will guide you so that your ideas can be realized in a totally personalized and therefore unique way.

She is a dreamer who gets married every time, gets excited every time, grows every time because she loves love and always renews it together with her spouses.

She will be able to create, from the previous months, a close-knit group of work who will be able to move independently on the field but in close collaboration and synergy with other colleagues.
Believe me if I tell you that there is no better thing for those who organize weddings, to have a working group that works in total serenity and respect of each other!

Among the operators in the sector, one understands faster because one has the full mastery of one’s work, thus anticipating also the “risks” of the trade but at the same time ready to implement a problem solving if there were any need.

Thanks to this and much more, that emotionally speaking lives only those who rely on a Wedding Planner, the day of your wedding you will be free to fully enjoy every little moment because there will be a guardian angel who will not allow anything and nobody to ruin your dream.

Here it is, has arrived, we are staged with the memory of the anxieties, the sighs, the emotions, the moments of tension lived together and together we will live the most beautiful day of your life.

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