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Simona Celani
8 March 2019
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Marriage that will amaze all your guests? Choose the Baroque style

Let’s start from a very important first consideration, how many of you hearing about the Baroque trend in Wedding 2019 and approaching it know that, at the beginning of this precious artistic movement, the term Baroque was used in derogatory terms?

Yes, the term Baroque from the French Baroque seemed to indicate an irregular stone and this irregularity of art was not much appreciated and conceived.

His underlining everything that was excessive, eccentric and oversized, his going against the concept of interiority and meeting the external magnificence created many opinions discordant.

We must understand the reasons … it was moving from the experimentation of the Renaissance, to the perfection of Classicism to the decadence of Mannerism and the Baroque itself that carried forward the idea of ​​”deformation” of the works that, for this reason, were for the same period too virtuosic.

To explain what I would like to take into account in the Design of an event linked to this style I start from a fundamental assumption, Barocco is more Architecture than Sculpture and Painting and that is why in the project of a wedding I would like to keep in mind the construction of scenography with certain characteristics and proportions more than just talking about the gold color and decoration, however fundamental elements.

It is often associated only with the use of gold in the Baroque, it exceeds the use of the same to create the Baroque, not realizing to risk the true excess in a confusing setting that goes beyond the idea of ​​elegance.

In the Baroque we must take into account the curved lines, not the usual arches or circles but intersecting lines, ellipses, spirals that we can consider to create in the preparation of the room structures made of simple materials but that, with the decoration the color in fact, take value and above all they seem valuable!

You must create that baroque illusion of what you see but that is not really what you think you are watching.

We can use light games that we could create with the help of the light designer, creating perspectives that give, even here, the optical illusion and a great scenographic effect.

Everything is virtuous and pushed almost to the extreme, but without ever exceeding in vulgarity but complex to arouse wonder and amazement, everything is full, it is full without ever seeming excessive and heavy.

For this concept I imagine a floral arrangement on a wonderful Imperial table where between green and flowers and fruit come out gold elements that almost do not notice if not close, but that go to fill all those spaces that, in line with the art Baroque, they can not be left empty.

I asked a very specific question about this subject to a great professional, as well as my trusted partner and friend, the Floral Designer Giovanni Raspante who gave birth to a truly wonderful floral arrangement which he gave us some photos.

Hi Giovanni, thank you for your fundamental contribution, first of all. What is Baroque for you and how do you interpret it in floral art?

“My vision of the Baroque is undoubtedly linked to the knowledge of style and the innumerable potential for combinations between it and contrasting environments. Today in fashion in the flower sets, the style is subject to different interpretations and reinterpretations, rich in creative ideas. Its imperfection becomes character and interest that is why today this trend is interpreted by many floral designers in a very subjective way, apparently different but recognizable as is the Baroque.

The chaos, the masses, the characters, the colors are so up-to-date as to feel the need to sign with the authentic recognition of the artist the installation proposed on every occasion. “


Here is a worthy interpretation of the Baroque style, completely integrated into an architectural structure that in this case is the magical Aviary of Tenuta la Voliera and masterfully immortalized by the artistic sensibility and exceptional skill of the photographer Antonio Carneroli (

And then there is absolutely the decoration and the gold end in themselves, in the graphic realization of
Partecipazioni, Libretti Messa, Menu, Tableau, in the presentation of the Sweet Table and in the careful selection of the Mise en Place and the fittings for which we let ourselves be guided by an accredited company like Latini Design ( which makes refinement of materials its first professional goal. And how not to be enchanted by a gold underplate with embroidery, cutlery from the Ivory Madreperla and Oro line or from the Gold and Rose Wine Drop glasses.

Everything is very theatrical and can also become a wedding dress with embroideries inserted in a particular cut, in the lace-up corset that highlights the waistline, in the bare shoulders and particular collars or large laces that frame the necklines and long trainings.

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