Simona Celani
15 October 2019

Queen yes or Queen no?

A title in English not because I want to be a lover of foreign countries at all costs by following trends, indeed, this is an article that wants to enhance our beautiful country and, in my case, my wonderful city, Rome. These days we talk a lot about the royal wedding of Beatrice of York. Will he marry in Italy, the country of origin of his future wife, or in England?
Queen yes or Queen no? In fact, it seems that the presence of the queen is perhaps in case they can consider Rome.
The odds seem to be there and have been fueled both by their friend Misha Nonoo’s wedding in Rome in September, and by the marriage proposal that is said to have been made in a very romantic place in Italy!
And yes, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi would have asked the beautiful Beatrice of York to marry her in Italy, even if it is still unknown where and when.

A Glamor Fashion always

If I really have to suggest you follow a trend, then surprise your love with a marriage proposal. Just in Rome, in the eternal city, as eternal, I wish you, it will be your love!
To realize this wonderful surprise there are fundamental points to be reckoned with: consider whether your she or yours is a person who does not like too many blatant gestures or if on the contrary he loves them so much; if he has a joyful and sympathetic character he will instead prefer something more fun and original; if it is more romantic, it will love the wonderful views of Rome and a candlelit dinner. 

Together we will build a marriage proposal tailored to you keeping in mind your history and the small details that have made it unique and special so that you can bring them back to this important and unforgettable moment.

Some Ideas

The choices, for a proposal to remember forever, are endless: a romantic walk that ends in one of the most evocative places in the city with a beautiful ring just waiting to be worn, a violinist, a bouquet of flowers and voila the magic , a romantic picnic after a tour in a vintage minibus, a private visit to the archaeological excavations, a romantic dinner with a view, a helicopter flight or a hot air balloon, a nice and original proposal for those who are more playful and don’t like dull things, a hunt to the treasure or maybe I WANT YOU TO MARRY while eating a nice Roman fry in a characteristic place of Trastevere!

Does your love love shopping? Then we organize a beautiful morning in a Roman atelier where you can wear the most beautiful clothes and maybe one of them the same evening, just for you!

There are so many ideas but the ones I prefer are those that come from listening carefully to the stories in your story.

Be together King and Queen forever but in a special way in one of the most important moments of your life as a couple, because believe me the magic does not happen only in the glossy pages linked to the royal wedding.

An Advice

To organize a truly magical moment, however, do not underestimate the timing, everything will have to be created with the utmost attention to detail and with the involvement of the best suppliers, customized and tailored for you who will want to make unforgettable not only your wedding day but also your wedding day moment in which she or he, with eyes full of emotion, will tell you YES I DO!

And if Edward did it!

Thanks to Antonio Carneroli for granting the images that represent the beauty of Rome and our work with masterly poetry! (

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