Create beautiful dreams,

And live them together, as together they mean more!

That’s my philosophy in my personal life and especially in my business.
The word TOGETHER is a word I love. Sharing and participating are the prerequisites of my relationships, not only with the couples I work with but also with the people I choose to collaborate with from time to time.

When two future spouses contact me about the most important day of their lives they have already started dreaming about it and they have been dreaming about it for a while!

We must therefore discreetly invade their souls and accompany them into the realization of their dreams and listen carefully to every word, every little story of their lives because even behind something that may seem insignificant at that precise moment may hide an enlightening idea that will help unleash the realization of their desires.

I always look into their eyes because they will at some moment provide me with the answers I am waiting for.

I take personal care of every detail, never losing sight of what’s important: and that is the uniqueness of this long-awaited day. My greatest passion is dedicated to a single goal while working as though this was my special day and its making sure I exceed the spouse’s expectations.


Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.


STYLOSOFIE Floral Design knows how to play with the elements. They combine the right balance between luxury and nature to create floral settings with an exclusive and unforgettable design. Elegance, creativity, refinement and originality. Giovanni Raspante was awarded the 2016 Italian Wedding Awards for the best Floral Designer in Italy.

Roma Party Service

ROMA PARTY SERVICE is a company that specializes in the installation of amplifiers, speakers and lighting systems. Ingenuity, competence, professionalism and quality that’s what you will get from this young group of entrepreneurs who have decided to invest with conviction in the event organization business.

Fabio Celani

Singer and Master of Ceremony -music and animation combining the elegance of the protagonist’s feelings of joy and sympathy while evoking a memory with the voice that becomes, in a moment, an accomplice to this special day only to provide you with PURE emotion.


The Semicroma must part of your wedding organization. With elements like balance and discretion, they are able to create harmony to the most important day of your lives. They were awarded the 2016 Italian Wedding Award for best wedding music in Italy.

Daniele Patron

Wedding Photographer Specialist -spontaneity, simplicity and exquisiteness are the main attributes of Daniel’s photographic style. He transforms anything into images such as special moments, sensations and emotions preferring natural light which makes his work more contemporary yet stylish. Awarded the best Italian wedding photographer of 2016 in the 1st edition of the Italian Wedding Awards.

Fashion Video

Our Love, our Passion is recounting the day of your wedding. A true, authentic story where you and your emotions will be the protagonists of this real-life story that we will make into a movie…your movie. Enriched by your voices and ambient sounds that will allow you to fully experience the most beautiful day of your lives! Awarded the best Italian wedding video maker of 2016 in the 1st edition of the Italian Wedding Awards.

Nozze Auto d’epoca

They are a vintage car wedding supplier whose passion and dedication for keeping their cars well restored and maintained over time are next to none. Professionalism, experience and reliability define who they are. With a truly vast fleet of cars the only difficult task left for the client is to make the right choice, which you won’t be disappointed with. Awarded the Best Italian Vintage Car Wedding Supplier in the 1st edition of the Italian Wedding Awards.

Federica Guglielmo

Federica analyses in detail your style and image to provide you with personalized make-up and hairstyle unique to every bride. After numerous courses in Make-up and Hairstyle, she now collaborates with famous directors, Italian photographers and some television networks. She has been hired in the world of TV, Cinema, Fashion and Politics to make sure that the industry’s leading men and women always look their best.

ELE Light

Founded in 2005 as a precise response to the needs of the events and fittings market, ELE light is today a leader in the rental of design furniture.
Using leading international designers and companies in the sector, ELE light offers its customers a complete consulting and supply service.

Alida Travel

Travel is our passion and our work, we are always updated to offer you the best solution available according to your needs, we will take care of all the details, leaving you the freedom and fun of your trip to make it unique and unforgettable .

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