Francesco e Federica

Simona Celani
2 September 2020
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Francesco e Federica

The Sun and the Moon, Summer and Winter, forever Me and You.

The rites of the ancient Celts and all the passions of the future bride linked to the great Mother Nature inspired this wonderful marriage proposal.
It all began in the afternoon, with a journey on horseback, the two of them between sky, air, sun, earth, in the center of the world, that world that would stop quivering, listening to the most beautiful words.
Their lifelong friend, the friend of the soul, of the heart, the friend of life, a special person, a professional singer who has returned from London to interpret their love songs, a surprise within a surprise.
Lithà, the summer solstice on June 21st was just waiting for them, the declaration of Eternal Love built with the attention of great events just at the moment when the sun triumphs on the longest day of the year.
Simona Celani Wedding Planner Proposta di Matrimonio
Simona Celani Wedding Planner Proposta di Matrimonio
Simona Celani Wedding Planner Proposta di Matrimonio

A wonderful Marriage Proposal

The light, on this day, reaches its maximum splendor, it is the moment in which the plants have miraculous powers: elderberry, verbena, walnut, lavender up to the famous St. John’s wort have been enclosed in a necklace that has sanctioned the moment of engagement.

A scented hug of flowers created for the promise of the union of two souls.

The sun was the great protagonist represented by a circle of two hundred lighted candles and the fire to express the maximum energy of this very special day, a day with a thousand ancient propitiatory rites.

At the end of this wonderful moment, so incredibly intimate and strong, a circle of people spontaneously created and danced around this wonderful couple.


Simona Celani Wedding Planner Proposta di Matrimonio

A beautiful Wish

All of us, the team that had worked hard up to that moment, felt that they were part of something great and beautiful and from the heart came the wish that this wonderful sun always shines on a love that has blossomed before our eyes.
For Francesco & Federica

Thanks to…

Thank you so much with all my heart to:
Antonio Carneroli Photographer;
Serena Tosi Infinito Amore Floral Designer and Celebrant of exception;
Antico Borgo di Sutri Venue;
Federico Fortin e Francesca;
Asd Il Recinto 2 Dario Cruciani for the wonderful horse tour;
Manuela Zanier and his beautiful voice.

Together we started dreaming again.

Together we will build the Marriage Proposal tailored for you keeping in mind your story and the small great details that made it unique and special so that they are present in this important and unforgettable moment.

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