Roger & Amy

Simona Celani
19 February 2020

Roger & Amy

The time does not pass to continue to love intensely, the time does not pass to want to amaze and continue to surprise those who love each other.

This is the most poetic synthesis with which I would like to describe Roger, a very kind and very nice American man who after 32 years of marriage still wishes to be able to give a surprise emotion to the woman of his life.

A renewal of wedding promises made in a few days, with my still primitive English supported by the translator and by the sincerity of those who present themselves as they are, without masks.

A Renewal of Promises of Love

“Hi Simona, I also do not speak Italian well” with this sentence and a smile that opened the doors of mutual trust and sympathy our video call Skype began.

Roger loves to amaze his Amy whenever the opportunity arises, on a business trip between America and Hong Kong or a pleasure trip around the world. Always look for something that can convey your great and infinite love.

His desire was to plan the event in the center of Rome, instead I proposed to leave the city, to organize a true love escape in places that certainly would not have visited on the days of stay.

Rinnovo Promesse, Simona Celani Wedding Planner,  Antonio Carneroli Photographer

The Program

A Mercedes with driver would have waited for them at the hotel and accompanied them to an unforgettable evening at the Castelli Romani where a romantic ceremony was waiting for them in Castel Gandolfo on a terrace overlooking the lake. We had planned an arrangement with triumphs of flowers and candles that at sunset, by marrying the sun and water, would create poetry.

Accompanied by a sweet soundtrack created from the notes of a violinist, the ceremony would have ended with a dinner in a private suite.

Why did I use the conditional?

Because in our work Plan B must never be missing and above all it must never disappoint initial expectations.

So much water came down on September 2 that I can’t even describe it. The lake was one with the leaden sky and the wind was taking everything away. Thanks also to the wonderful floral designer Antonella Bilotta we took the situation in hand and moved the original project to a cave in the location.

The underground cellar, to be exact, has opened its magic door wide, transforming itself into an even more romantic, timeless, almost mystical place. Here the incomparable acoustics highlighted the sweet music of the violin and the beautiful words of the celebrant Francesca Resciniti that returned to the ear even sweeter thanks to the natural echo.

Amy’s emotion

Two hands intertwined with ribbons, two hearts united today, yesterday and always, in that place away from the world, in that cave that was witness and now guardian of the promises of true love, of that daily and eternal renewal.

Amy‘s amazement and emotion are kept in my heart, Roger’s eyes imprinted in my soul, I relive those emotions through memory but also and above all through the wonderful shots of Antonio Carneroli who was able to capture all the magic of that moment.

“I dare not imagine what plan A could have been” – Amy whispered to me – “but what I saw exceeded all my expectations”

Many thanks to the La Gardenia restaurant

Thanks to Antonio Carneroli for the concession of the images that represent our work with masterful poetry!  (

Together we will build the Renewal of Wedding Promises tailored for you keeping in mind your story and the small great details that made it unique and special so that they are present in this important and unforgettable moment.

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