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Why should you hire a Wedding Planner?


When couples start to search the web, they immediately realize how many options are there and how much time is needed to compare locations, to find the bridal store or florist that best suit their needs.
Working with a wedding planner can help you and your partner in the research process, can relieve you of the burden of various commitments, especially with the suppliers while reducing the stress that would otherwise accumulate over the months prior to the wedding day.
Time is precious and many couples just cannot spend entire days researching and scheduling site inspections. Your wedding planner knows how to manage time wisely, knows those suppliers who offer the best quality/price ratio and how to allocate the budget avoiding too expensive or not necessary costs.

Exceptional professional

Simona Celani Tenuta San Liberat

A rare person!
She knew how to read in our soul and was able to create our marriage in our image and likeness.

We worked together for 10 months: in everything she always found the right solution.
She was fantastic and even in delicate moments she had the ability to remain a true professional.
Of the most important stages of my life and i am proud of a because it was absolutely up to it.
She became a friend of the heart for me, with who i shared one the most important stages of my life and i am proud of a because it was absolutely up to it.
I recommend this real professional who unlike other people works with something important……her heart!
We love you, Tanina & Emanuele

Tanina Lombardo

Elegance and professionally at my service

Simona Celani Wedding Planner

Simona was an expert and capable guide in accompanying us during the preparation of our event. She knew how to listen and advise us, to realise the wedding we wanted. Everything we imagined became reality!

Simonetta Caso

Reservedness and a lot of professionally

Simona Celani Wedding Planner

She took care of everything, every little detail, everything was right where it was supposed to be.
We had an emergency, she was able to calm me down and a say “don’t worry, that everything will be ok”
Simona gave me a lot of calm and serenity, It inspires confidence in skin, it was my chamomile 😉
I really recommend to any bride to choose simona.
She makes her work with passion, every wedding is as if it were her wedding.

Thanks for everything Simo, you’ve been amazing!!

Giulia Marcucci

Simona is a discreet person and fundamental!

I know simona through my floral designer alice Bonifazi, I was very happy to meet her.
Together they turned my wedding into a fairy tale.
Simona coordinated everything, with great professionalism and precision and we enjoyed the whole day.
She was a fundamental presence, without being intrusive, besides being a great professionist he is also a wonderful person.

For your wedding trust Simona without any hesitation!



I’m Simona Celani, Wedding Planner. The couples I assist are those who love beauty, sophistication and a warm and enveloping elegance.

These are people who, just like you, want the best of every single thing and are looking for a Wedding Planner who can satisfy each and every request.

Your wedding day is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience, you deserve to have it thoroughly planned and designed by a reliable and experienced professional.

This is how I work: I carefully listen to your desires so that I consider every single detail, I plan your wedding with elegance and style and make your fairytale dream wedding come true!



I’ll handle it!

There are so many details to think about when planning a dream wedding. We will make your life easier through our services.

Budget definition

Wedding Planning



Wedding invitations


Floral Design



Graphic Design

Makeup e Hair Stylist

Menu Tasting

Wedding décor

Light Design

Car hire and transportation

Bridal styling 


Get married in Apulia, Tuscany, Rome (and Lazio)

Italy is one of the world’s most beautiful countries, rich in history and breathtaking landscapes. It represents a dream destination for both Italians and foreign couples. Charming cities, multi-colored countryside views and a deep blue sea.

Simona Celani plans unique and memorable weddings for Italian and foreign couples in the most enchanting and evocative locations of Tuscany, Apulia, Rome and Lazio.

We collaborate with the best industry professionals!

We will help you choose the right accommodation options for making the stay of your guests, who will be with you on your big day, comfortable and unforgettable. Castles, historical palaces in the city center, traditional Masserie surrounded by nature, countryside farmhouses and century-old historical mansions.




This is how we can help you

Together with my team, we will give you precious tips and unveil the secrets needed for an unforgettable day that will be engraved in your hearts forever. We are committed to ensuring that your event will run smoothly and flawlessly, and that you will have the possibility to write your love story pages just as you wish.

Wedding Day Coordinator


If you have already gone through all the planning arrangements but you would like to live a stress-free wedding day in total relax, then you are looking for our wedding-day Coordination. 


  • You will be free from stress
  • You will have a person of reference over the entire day responding to any needs
  • Full coordination of the suppliers
  • Complete supervision of the entire event from beginning to end (from the early set up to final dismantling)
  • Constant supervision of the event timeline
  • You will live your dream without worries

Full Wedding Planning



If you are looking to have a completely tailor-made and stress-free wedding, I will assist you over the entire planning period up to the big day, when I will be by your side to ensure that everything will be just as you expect it to be


  • Full event planning
  • Consulting on the selection of suppliers and location
  • Coordination to guarantee that the highest standards of excellence are met
  • Continued assistance in order to define and plan all the single details, starting from allocating the budget wisely among the various services
  • Full wedding décor design including Flower Design and Light Design
  • Event timeline planning and Management
  • Smooth and carefree event

Less is More

What if you decided to opt for a more Intimate and Intense Wedding?

  • Budget: it would be used not only for the standard services but also for guests accommodation, tastings, spa experiences, cultural tours, rehearsals, typical meals.
  • Venue: you will have a wider choice of options for longer and unforgettable stays to share with family and friends.
  • Details: A more meticulous and precise attention to the details for a unique journey in a true visual, olfactory and taste experience.
  • Party: a party that will seem to never end, a string of emotions that you will keep in your heart forever.

Recent events

If you ask a friend of yours about the most important day of her life, she will surely talk about her wedding day! And at last, after so many months of planning and preparation here your big day comes too.

And we feel so happy to make your special day even more special.

Some previous weddings!

Simona Celani Antico Borgo Di Sutri
Sarah & Peter
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