Marriage proposal in Rome

Will you marry me?

You have found your soul mate and are ready to say I WILL?

Thousands of ideas are running through your mind on how to propose to your partner, but it all seems little compared to what you would really like to express in that moment. This is why my professional tips can help you prepare a jaw dropping surprise. 

How to propose?

When you search the internet to get cues and ideas you feel like getting déjà-vu. Repetitive ideas or situations you don’t feel comfortable in, or do not reflect the way you are, and wouldn’t get you together in something very special.

The classic candle-lit dinners, romantic strolls, weekends out of town, are absolutely nice and exciting, but why don’t you literally astonish your better half with something unforgettable and tailor-made?

Yes, I will!

In order to have your partner say YES you will have to hit the target, down deep in the partner’s heart, focusing on what she or he loves most.

I will be by your side in this journey, I will love to carefully listen to your story, to those important shades and details that are essential and could be missed if you are too much distracted by this exciting idea.

Together we will plan a surprise that can be either intimate and private, romantic and dramatic, or funny and creative. In either case it will be closely based on your personalities.

Are you willing to propose in a unique way?

We can give you many ideas to make it memorable. 


I’m Simona Celani, Wedding Planner. The couples I assist are those who love beauty, sophistication and a warm and enveloping elegance.

These are people who, just like you, want the best of every single thing and are looking for a Wedding Planner who can satisfy each and every request.

Your wedding day is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience, you deserve to have it thoroughly planned and designed by a reliable and experienced professional.

This is how I work: I carefully listen to your desires so that I consider every single detail, I plan your wedding with elegance and style and make your fairytale dream wedding come true!


I’ll handle it!

Proposing to your partner is not only about what you will say but also about the way you will introduce it, the location you will choose… every single detail will be important.

If you are ready to surprise your partner proposing in an epic and extraordinary way, I will help you to fulfill this mission and she or he will have no doubts and will say “YES”.

It’s Never Too Early To Start!

ENG Marriage Proposal

To make it even more special

A marriage proposal can be accurately studied in every detail too. Whether it be flash mob, or featuring a set up designed by a professional, with live music, flying balloons, fireworks, or aerial messages….it will definitely all have a main goal: to astonish your loved one!

Photo & Video

Your wedding pictures and video are key elements that must not be left out, as they will keep those precious and intimate moments in your memories forever. 


Through partnership with great Floral Designers, we will create a magical event, full of colors, fabulous scents and fragrances and fairytale compositions.

Music and Entertainment

Professional and expert musicians will take care of your event’s soundtrack together with a choreography of fireworks, balloon art, dancing butterflies, fire eaters, acrobats and much more.


A proposal deserves an unforgettable location. The Eternal city offers many options and we will select the most romantic ones to say:”Will you marry me?”


We have so many ideas for a creative scenography that will make your special moment unique.

Our package



  • Event planning
  • Consulting on the selection of suppliers and location
  • Coordination for a perfect and successful event
  • Full assistance for a thorough and detailed planning
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Simona Celani Wedding Planner Proposta di Matrimonio
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