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The Charm of the Elopement: Romantic, Intimate and Unique

Andrew & Robyn Wedding Elopement Rome

What is an elopement?

It is an intimate and secret wedding ceremony, often organized at the last minute and without guests. The married couples escape to a romantic place to get married, often without telling their friends and family.

This type of ceremony can be organized for many reasons. Some of them may be: the desire to have a simple and intimate wedding, the search for a romantic and adventurous experience, or the need to escape the social and family pressures associated with organizing a traditional wedding.

Basically, it is a real treat only for two (or a little more).

The most popular destinations in Italy for the Elopement

In Italy there are many romantic and evocative locations that are very popular for the organization of an elopement wedding. Here are some of the most popular destinations:

  1. Venice: the city of love, with its canals, bridges and cobbled streets, offers a unique and romantic setting.
  2. Rome: elope to Rome and embrace the allure of the eternal city with its historical monuments and charming squares. For couples seeking a classic and romantic style wedding, Rome is the ideal destination. The rich history and timeless beauty of the city provide a captivating backdrop for your special day.
  3. Tuscany: with its rolling hills, captivating art cities, and breathtaking landscapes, such as the renowned Val d’Orcia, stands as a highly sought-after destination for crafting rustic and country-style elopement weddings. Elope in Tuscany and immerse yourselves in the romance of this enchanting region, where every corner narrates a story of history and beauty.
  4. Amalfi Coast: elope in Amalfi Coast and discover the breathtaking charm of its picturesque villages, sandy beaches, and crystalline waters. The Amalfi Coast offers a truly romantic and idyllic setting for an intimate wedding.
  5. Sicily: Sicily, with its beaches, art cities and its ancient culture, is a charming and unique destination for a Mediterranean-style elopement.

Elopement Wedding

An intimate wedding doesn’t mean superficial!

The couple chooses to celebrate their love and their union in an intimate and personal way but without neglecting the attention to details and precision in planning.

This type of wedding can be organized in different ways, according to the preferences of the couple. For example, they could choose to hold the ceremony in a suggestive and intimate place, such as a private garden, a small church or a romantic location.

They may also decide to invite only their closest family and friends to create a more intimate atmosphere.

However, even if the wedding is intimate, that doesn’t mean the couple should skimp on planning and attention to detail.

Let’s see some.

Hans Caroline Wedding Rome
Germaine & Leonard Wedding Rome

Wedding Planner

The role of the wedding planner in an elopement wedding is essential for creating a unique and tailor-made event. Thanks to his/her experience and creativity, the wedding planner is able to find the perfect location for the elopement wedding, taking into account the tastes and needs of the bride and groom. Furthermore, the wedding planner is the impeccable director of the big day, making sure that everything goes according to plan and that the spouses can fully enjoy their special moment, without worries.

The presence of the wedding planner allows you to have a perfect organization, without any unexpected events, and to make the elopement wedding even more memorable.

Rinnovo promesse matrimonio Alessandra e Paolo

Unique and Original Location

The elopement wedding offers the possibility of choosing a unique and original location, which would otherwise be difficult to have in a traditional wedding. Being a more intimate and smaller event, spouses can afford to choose a most unusual venue, without worrying about logistics and the presence of a large number of guests.

This freedom of choice in the location offers the possibility of creating a unique experience for the spouses and for the few guests present, making the elopement wedding a truly special event.

Rinnovo Promesse, Simona Celani Wedding Planner Antonio Carneroli Photographer


Elopement weddings allow the couple to allocate more resources and attention to the creation of a unique and unforgettable experience. Instead of having to balance the needs of many people, spouses choosing an intimate wedding can focus on the experience they want to create for themselves and for a few close friends and family. Thanks to this, they can spend the budget in a more intelligent way, focusing investments on elements that are important to the couple, such as the location, food and wine.

Furthermore, spouses can choose to allocate a part of the budget for an unforgettable honey moon.

Germaine & Leonard Wedding Rome

Photos & Videos

Photos and videos are fundamental elements in an elopement, as they will be the unique tangible memories of that special day. In this type of wedding, the married couple has the opportunity to focus on their emotions and on their moment rather than on the guests and the organization of the event, which can make the photos even more suggestive and personal.

In an elopement, photographer and video maker can dedicate themselves entirely to the couple, without the distraction of having to photograph and record numerous guests. This allows you to capture intimate and authentic moments between the spouses, creating unforgettable memories. Furthermore, the unique and original location chosen for the elopement offers a picturesque and romantic setting, which becomes the perfect background for wedding photos and videos.

Germaine & Leonard Wedding Rome


In an elopement, the reception takes on a different connotation compared to a traditional wedding. Spouses can choose to celebrate their love in an intimate and romantic way, for example by organizing a picnic or a candlelight dinner in the location chosen for the ceremony.

Food becomes a sensory experience, a journey through the flavours, textures and fragrances. While the wine, carefully selected, completes everything with its refined and delicate note, creating a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere.

A feast for the senses that will be etched in memories forever.



  • English Speaking Officiant;
  • Symbolic marriage certificate;
  • Handling of civil or religious marriage documents and paperwork;
  • Public free-of-charge (max 10 guests) and private locations;
  • Witnesses (2 or more);
  • Free email or telephone support;
  • Tailor-made wedding;
  • Full consultation;
  • Wedding planner’s presence on the wedding day;
  • Plan B in case of unforeseen events/weather;
  • Organisation of activities for bride, groom and guests during their stay;

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If you ask a woman which days are the most important in her life, among them she will certainly mention her wedding day. And it finally happened, after so many months and preparations, your wedding day arrives.

And we feel so happy to make your special day even more special.

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