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Small but Perfect:

Why Choose a Microwedding for Your Wedding

Ivan & Sonia Villa Miani Wedding

What if we squeezed a little?

Welcome to our page dedicated to microweddings, the new trend for intimate and elegant weddings!

If you’re looking for an original and romantic alternative to a traditional wedding, microweddings could be the right choice for you. With a limited number of selected guests, this type of wedding offers the opportunity to create a unique and personalized experience, with great attention to detail.

Discover all the advantages of microweddings and ideas to organize it perfectly.

Less is More

You will share together with your dear ones amazing landscapes and unique experiences. The echo of your laughs will resound after playing a trick on a dear friend and it will be just as being kids again. Dining under the stars while sipping perfumed wine and listening to a guitar playing in the background will make you feel like living in a movie, a scenario where you feel relaxed, free and happy to dance barefoot on the grass. Unforgettable moments that will make your special day, the most important of your lives


A wedding in which the guests do not exceed 50 people, the closest family members, the dearest friends, a greater intimacy compared to elopement, through which the couple intends to involve a reduced number of guests and spend unforgettable moments with them.

A meticulously planned and carefully executed micro wedding, in an exclusive location where everyone can stay together and experience unforgettable days, a mini vacation (in Lazio, Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily, Campania, or wherever you desire) with personalized attention, especially towards the guests, creating intimate, sincere, intense, and engaging atmospheres!

With this level of sophistication, a microwedding can truly become a small luxury wedding.

But will this be more expensive?

Not at all! Because the most decisive factors in a wedding budget are undoubtedly the number of guests and the venue.
Your event will be smaller, with fewer guests, and you will be able to allocate a portion of the budget to quality, beauty, emotions, and everything that you as a couple desire and only you.

Hans Caroline Wedding Rome
Valentina & Luca Wedding

Original and Romantic Locations

A microwedding allows you to choose unique and original locations that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional wedding. For example, the couple can opt for a historic villa, a country farmhouse, or a secluded beach, creating an exclusive and magical atmosphere.

The couple can decide to organize the wedding in a location that allows them to stay together with all the guests, perhaps in a villa or a historic village. This way, it will be possible to experience unforgettable moments together, creating a unique and intense sharing experience.

Germaine & Leonard Wedding Rome

Photos & Video

Video and photography are fundamental elements in every wedding, and they become even more important in a microwedding, where the intimate and familiar atmosphere allows capturing even more spontaneous and personal moments. Photographers and videographers will be able to capture authentic emotions between the bride and groom and the guests, immortalizing the most beautiful and meaningful moments of the wedding.

Both video and photography allow creating an indelible memory of the wedding day, which can be relived over and over again in time.

Rinnovo promesse matrimonio Alessandra e Paolo


High-quality food and wine: organizing a microwedding allows for offering high-quality food and wine to the guests. With a limited number of attendees, the couple can choose a gourmet menu and select the finest wines to accompany the meal, providing a refined and unforgettable gastronomic experience.

A true emotional journey between food and the finest wineries.

Ivan & Sonia Villa Miani Wedding

Quality Time with Guests

One of the strengths of a microwedding is the opportunity to spend quality time with guests. With a limited number of attendees, the couple can devote more attention to each of them, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Special activities or unique experiences can be organized, such as a spa retreat, a boat trip, or a nature excursion. These activities can be arranged to involve all the guests and create moments of sharing and enjoyment.

Microwedding Planning




  • Full event planning
  • Consulting on the selection of suppliers and location
  • Coordination to guarantee that the highest standards of excellence are met
  • Continued assistance in order to define and plan all the single details, starting from allocating the budget wisely among the various services
  • Full wedding décor design including Flower Design and Light Design
  • Event timeline planning and Management
  • Smooth and carefree event


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