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Less is More!

Why you should opt for a Small, Luxury and Exclusive Wedding

Antonio Carneroli Photographer

What if we squeezed a little?

Italy is certainly known for its traditions and customs that will enrich your event adding unique and special details. But it is also the country of the big weddings with many guests and these days this aspect is increasingly becoming a concern for the future spouses.

“Will I be able to get married?” And if so, will it be possible with 100/150 guests?”

This is often a main concern that distracts the couple from focusing on the deeper and more important meaning of what is really important to them.

Less is More

You will share together with your dear ones amazing landscapes and unique experiences. The echo of your laughs will resound after playing a trick on a dear friend and it will be just as being kids again. Dining under the stars while sipping perfumed wine and listening to a guitar playing in the background will make you feel like living in a movie, a scenario where you feel relaxed, free and happy to dance barefoot on the grass. Unforgettable moments that will make your special day, the most important of your lives

A Little Great Wedding

Now, based on my experience, I ask you

“What if you considered a more intimate and possibly longer wedding?”

I am thinking of a wedding where you can invite your guests to spend a weekend or a short holiday with you in Lazio, Tuscany, Apulia, Sicily, Campania, wherever you want, thus offering a package of emotions that they will never forget.

Less is More

A more intimate and intense wedding where your budget can be used not only for the standard services but also for accommodation, tastings, spa experiences, cultural tours, rehearsal dinners, typical meals… 

But will this be more expensive?

Not at all! Because the main factors that affect the budget of a wedding are the number of guests and the location. This way you will be free to use the budget that you had envisaged for a 100/150 guest party, partly or entirely on a smaller event with less guests. We will divide it just as you wish, according to your personal desires and priorities, be it the organizational aspects, quality services, beautiful decorations, emotional experiences. We will do it your way. 

Simona Celani Wedding Planner Rinnovo delle Promesse

The Locations

You can choose more original and romantic locations, different from the usual ones, like small villas and resorts where you can stay with all your guests and live unforgettable experiences.
Simple locations where we can map out unique reception layouts, with creative bar counters, unusual food station layouts, typical products, colors and atmospheres.
We will be planning the perfect timeline, where every single service is designed to meet the highest levels of quality.

antonio carneroli fotografo

Photo and video

The photographer and videographer will be able to follow the flow of the event capturing more details, the emotions of every guest, their tears, laughs, hugs and if you like, they can even be with you during another special day that you wish to last forever….!


Valentina & Luca Wedding


How wonderful! Think about a typical local menu, handwritten by a professional calligrapher, of perfectly matched food and wine. It will be like an emotional tour aimed at discovering the best food and wineries.
You can choose a unique table layout and design every detail to leave everyone speechless.
After the dinner and party you will relax on an amazing lounge area, while sipping your favorite cocktail or beer and tasting a late night pizza.

Simona Celani Wedding Planner Lavinia


We will design floral arrangements that will frame every day of your holiday. Themed décor for your rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception that you have never even imagined, using the local typical pottery and vases. It will be like following a path that leads to an explosion of beauty on your wedding day.

The Team

Together with my team we strongly believe that this will be the new concept and vision of the Italian wedding; a project and a philosophy that aim at going back to the essential, meticulously taking care of each and every detail of the wedding day and also previous days and events.

Less is More… because nothing will be the same as before… it will be more beautiful!
A team of experienced professionals who will offer their services, expertise, passion, heart and soul so that you will have unforgettable souvenirs of this experience.

Arianna Sferrazza

International Public Relations

When planning a destination wedding you need a reliable person onsite, someone you can trust. With over 15 years’ experience with couples of all nationalities, you can rely on my expertise. I will help you and always be there for you!



Serena Tosi


Her main desire is to enter people’s dreams, creating beauty, the one that makes people lives lighter, thus connecting the dimension of creativity, to the ultimate unperishable beauty.


Antonio Carneroli


Antonio is a photographer who loves to narrate, to tell stories. Taking pictures just like he was writing a story through images. His bold style is spontaneous and constantly evolving, but always attentive to feature esthetic elegance.


Paola Picchi

FOOD & BEVERAGE manager in Tuscany

She provides catering and consulting services for weddings all over Tuscany. She strongly believes that an event can be perfect only if you seek perfection in every single element. 



Cinecittà Viaggi

Travel Agent

With her travel agency, Manuela Baldino has made her dream come true. She is professional and passionate and since 35 years she has been focusing her entrepreneurial dream to the client’s wellness and satisfaction. 


Alessio Martinelli


Blackandlight Wedding team has a cinematic approach to wedding filmmaking. They are always present but have a discrete approach. They aim to tell your story by emphasizing the people’s expressions and emotions. 



Key points


  • Small Wedding

    A more intimate wedding that is focused on the couple’s priorities and deep emotions shared with the dear ones.

  • Diversified Budget 

    The budget is not determined by the number of guests but by what the couples really want to express and share!

  • Location

    There will be more venues that you can consider to enjoy your experience with your family and friends, for a longer and unforgettable holiday.

  • Details

    We will take care of the smallest details and will guide your guests in an all-round experience where the five senses are all involved in a unique way.

  • Party

    Your party will seem like a never-ending story, a continued succession of emotions that you will keep in your hearts forever.


It's Never Too Early To Start!

Our Proposal

Less is More

This is how we envision the future weddings, to be smaller, fervent and possibly longer. This idea is inspired by the foreign elopements where small is a synonym of intimate, unique; such events can be held in the Pontine islands, on a spectacular sailing ship, in the charming Apulian Trulli, or in the Tuscan resorts and everywhere you desire.


Budget Definition

Music and Entertainment

Photographer and Videographer




Makeup and Hair Stylist

Image Consulting

Car hire and Transportation

Light Design

Flower Design & Wedding Decoration

Full wedding planning




  • Full event planning
  • Consulting on the selection of suppliers and location
  • Coordination to guarantee that the highest standards of excellence are met
  • Continued assistance in order to define and plan all the single details, starting from allocating the budget wisely among the various services
  • Full wedding décor design including Flower Design and Light Design
  • Event timeline planning and Management
  • Smooth and carefree event

Recent Ceremonies

If you ask a friend of yours about the most important day of her life, she will surely talk about her wedding day! And at last, after so many months of planning and preparation here your big day comes too. 

And we feel so happy to make your special day even more special.

Some previous Weddings!

Valentina & Luca Wedding

Thank you for everything, Simona! You are the best Wedding Planner!

Simona Celani Wedding Planner 2022
I am American but my husband is Italian, so we got married in Italy. I was nervous to plan a wedding from so far away but Simona made everything very easy for me! Simona is very kind, very patient, and hardworking. She helped to make the wedding of our dreams! Thank you for everything, Simona!!!

Molly Behr

Simona knew how to really listen to what my wife likes

Kingsley & Lina Rinnovo Promesse Matrimonio
(Translated by Google) Before describing what I experienced, I still wanted to thank Simona a thousand times for everything she has done. I am from France I called on Simona to ask for my wife’s hand in Rome. And what a wonderful idea!! Simona knew how to really listen to what my wife likes and

Guillaume Allier

Exceptional professional

Simona Celani Tenuta San Liberato
If you want to live a real dream then you have found the right person. Being able to tell your life in a marriage is not easy but she has succeeded. She recommended the best suppliers ever and managed to create perfect harmony in everything. The emotion experienced reached all those present and also those

Tanina Lombardo

Thanks to her, we enjoyed the whole wedding

Simona Celani Wedding Planner Lavinia
It is an understatement to call it Wedding Planner, for us it was a guide, a certainty for all our doubts and fears, our lifeline in such a difficult period. I received the marriage proposal 2 months before the Lockdown, needless to say that we had to postpone our best day, Simona, thanks to her

Lavinia Venturini

Simona knows, she is our guardian angel!

Valentina & Luca
Simona knows, she is our guardian angel !!! Entrusting “our day” to her was the best decision we could make. We found a splendid professional who with total dedication, patience, fantasy and determination has raised the fate of an event that, before the advent of her, would take a truly disastrous turn. The work of

Valentina Chiara Milani

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