Paolo & Alessandra

Simona Celani
16 January 2023
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After 10 years

A great love, a love that has taught them a lot, has often presented many challenges, and which has taken too much from them but above all given the most important thing a couple could wish for, two splendid stars, Beatrice and Luna.

They have chosen to Renew their love after 10 years and they have decided to do it by the sea, near a rock, the same one where they said YES the first time.

For this reason I wanted to extract for them some sentences from a book about a seagull in search of happiness.

Rinnovo promesse matrimonio Alessandra e Paolo

And growing up you learn…

“And growing up you learn that happiness is not that of big things.

Happiness is not what you frantically chase after believing that love is all or nothing.

Growing up you learn that happiness is made of small but precious things, it’s made of tiptoe emotions, that love is made of sensations.

And you learn to have small but precious dreams in your drawer and in your heart.

And you learn that holding a baby is a delicious happiness.

And you learn that the greatest gifts are the ones that talk about the people you love…

And you learn that despite your defenses, despite your will or your destiny, in every seagull that flies there is a little-big Jonathan Livingston in the heart.

And you learn how beautiful and important simplicity is.”

Rinnovo promesse matrimonio Alessandra e Paolo

On the sand

Alessandra and Paolo have learned together to laugh and cry, be happy and angry, share and grow.

They grew up together, sometimes individually, but Love is the eternal strength of life.

Love is the strength that allows us to face fear and uncertainty with courage.

I wished them to share life but never forget that they are two different persons and they should always cultivate and affirm their differences.

They exchanged their renewal on the sand at sunset in Grottammare, between candles and wonderful compositions of Anthurium, Pampas, Roses.

Rinnovo promesse matrimonio Alessandra e Paolo

Ohana Family

They had dinner with their relatives by moonlight and under rows of lights.

We said goodbye with a word in our hearts, of which I didn’t know the meaning, Ohana Family, that family in the broadest, most extended sense, which includes the intention to be Family regardless of blood ties, which makes one decide to be Family, to always be there for each other.

Congratulation guys! I hope to meet you after 10 years to celebrate together another stage of your great love.


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Together we will build the Renewal of Wedding Promises tailored for you keeping in mind your story and the small great details that made it unique and special so that they are present in this important and unforgettable moment.

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