Wedding at San Giusto Abbey in Tuscania: a union of Love between two special Souls

Simona Celani
5 January 2024
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  2. Wedding at San Giusto Abbey in Tuscania: a union of Love between two special Souls
Gli sposi si abbracciano davanti la chiesa dell'Abbazia di San Giusto

Cinzia and Marco, a very special couple


Dear Cinzia and Marco
As promised, I am writing this article not only for the blog but also as a personal gift to tell you how wonderful it was to work with you as your wedding planner in Rome and to thank you for all the love we encountered along the way.

I knew right away that you were a special couple.

There was an immediate harmony between us, she with her Sicilian origins, cheerful, funny, imaginative and engaging, he more rational and pragmatic but with an overwhelming humour and sympathy, two personalities and above all people I immediately loved.
I still remember our beautiful e-mails, which made us feel so close despite the distance.

It was a pleasure to see how your personalities shone through in every choice and detail of the set-up, of the suppliers, of what would make those around you happy to share this moment.

And how could we forget your wonderful families in Rome, who helped us with the planning? Mamma Giusy and Mamma Giovanna, two wonderful people who accompanied me everywhere in search of the perfect place for your wedding.

Despite the obstacles we encountered along the way, love triumphed and the Abbey of San Giusto in Tuscania (Viterbo) was the ideal place to celebrate your big day.

Wedding at San Giusto Abbey


The 25th August marked the beginning of two intense days, with a welcome party on the terrace of the abbey, animated by music, serenades and merriment.

26 August was the day of the wedding. The deconsecrated church was the perfect setting for a civil ceremony, written and celebrated by one of Cinzia’s five brothers.

An immense emotion that I still carry within me, in a Romanesque setting decorated with romantic and ethereal tones in a mix of dried and fresh flowers, toffee roses, eucalyptus, pampas, hare’s tails and Sahara roses.

The party continued with an aperitif in the garden, the first dances to the strains of a pop-folk band, and dinner in the magical cloister, where dreamy imperial tables were decorated with beautiful flowers and hand-painted place cards.

Relatives and friends came from all over the world to celebrate the union of your two beautiful souls, the union of two people who, with their smiling faces, their eyes wide open to life, their values, have managed to enter the hearts of us all.

Final reflections


Your wedding was a celebration of love in all its forms.

Love for the couple, love for the family, love for the friends.

Cinzia and Marco, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Thank you for enriching my professional and human life, thank you for being a part of me today and I hope forever. I hope you enjoy my small and heartfelt gift to you!

Happy New Year, my dear Cinziù and Marcuzzo, may it be a 2024 as bright as your hearts!


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Un ricevimento di nozze allestito nella storica Abbazia di San Giusto in Tuscania.

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