Elopement: between the Exclusivity of Private Places and the Magic of Public Places

Simona Celani
23 November 2023
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Elopement Mindy & Sean

Elopement Italy: an exclusive and romantic escape

Intimacy and romance are the key words for those who decide to go on an elopement in Italy. This trend, which originated in the United States, is increasingly winning over Italians, who choose to get married in an intimate setting, without guests, just the two of you.

An elopement, as we often see in films, that can take place in any place, be it a park, a beach, a specific area of a city of art, a terrace, or even in private places in the wonderful buildings of our beautiful cities.

But is an elopement in a public place just as elegant, evocative and exciting?


Absolutely YES!

The fact that it is celebrated in a public place does not detract from the event and its exclusivity; on the contrary, it makes it even more important, because the couple can choose the most evocative and romantic places in the chosen city as a backdrop.

Of course, the presence of a elopement planner is essential to help the couple choose the location that best represents their personality and to organise everything at times when there are not too many tourists.

Choice of location

Elope to Rome, where the possibilities are endless. You can choose the Villa Borghese park with its lake, the Temple of Diana, the Temple of Aesculapius, the beautiful terrace of the Capitoline Hill, the public park in front of the Colosseum, not to mention the beaches just outside the city.

Everything is planned down to the last detail and the couple will be pampered from start to finish.

From the make-up artist arriving at the hotel in the early afternoon to the private car waiting to take you wherever you want.

You will have your own photographer and videographer, with whom you will create the most important photos of your life, in the most characteristic places of your chosen city.

The musician and the officiant will be waiting for you at the ceremony location, which will be completely written and adapted to your story.

The wedding planner and her team will be with you at all times, attentive to your every need.

The possibility of creating a floral design

The only thing that can be decisive in choosing a private rather than a public venue is the possibility of developing a floral design with a setting for the ceremony. It all depends on the personality of the couple, whether they want to book a private venue and plan a ceremony with flowers and candles, or whether they want to enjoy the natural beauty of the city they have chosen for their elopement.

In addition, many couples who opt for a public venue then book a dinner on one of Rome’s beautiful terraces or in the private rooms of splendid 5-star hotels.

In this way, they can enjoy impeccable service and an exclusive location, without giving up the beauty and magic of an elopement in one of the most romantic places in Italy.

Here are some examples of Elopement in Rome in public places

  • A romantic ceremony at sunset on the Villa Borghese Lake
  • An intimate ceremony amidst the ruins of ancient Rome
  • An evocative ceremony on the Campidoglio terrace
  • A romantic ceremony on the beach at Ostia

Whatever you decide, get in touch with a Wedding Planner specialising in elopements to help create a unique and unforgettable event.

Luxury Elopement in Rome

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