Custom-made wedding dress: dress your dream, dream your dress!

Simona Celani
18 December 2017
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Choosing your wedding dress is definitely the most exciting moment for a woman, it’s the fulfillment of her dream awaiting the most beautiful day.

The market offers a wider variety of dresses, on the one hand it can be positive because you have the possibility to try them on immediately and see how they look on you immediately, on the other hand it can lead to a boomerang effect creating a little confusion and indecision leading the bride to moments of crisis and stress.

There may be details from one dress that appeals to you and there may be other details of another dress that appeals to you, but none has all the elements that makes it completely appealing to you. Making it the wedding dress you really want!

Choosing an atelier

If you already have a clear image of what your dream dress will look like and have budgeted for it, you may decide to get it tailored to your specifications.

It may happen that a chosen style does not marry well and in this case, there is no better word to use, to your body type or personality and to rely on a tailor/stylist is to let yourself be vulnerable but its best to be accompanied in this path as intense emotions during this time often leads to the wrong choices.


How much does a bespoke wedding dress cost?

Relying on a tailor for the creation of your bespoke wedding dress is not a possibility for a few as some people may think.

It’s very similar to planning a wedding with the wedding planner, you have a budget and this budget will be considered in relation to your needs.

Your expense will take on greater value because you will see the evolution of the design of your dress step by step, until your wedding dress will be completed before your eyes.


There will be several designs before you get to the right one, you will opt for different styles, a different fabric compared to another, touching not only the fabrics that you will then choose carefully, but also some existing models in the atelier until you really realize what will be the final result.

You will know your strengths by exploiting them to the maximum and you will learn to hide your weaknesses. Through which the designer, but also a well-prepared wedding planner, will answer all your questions and will eliminate all your doubts by pampering you every time.

Fitting in the atelier

A very important thing that I want to underline is that your tailor-made dress will not be seen exclusively at the last minute, as many women think and that’s why they do not approach the tailors, but you will wear it even before it’s being sewn!

Possibly because there will be a first fitting in an identical canvas, except of course for the fabrics and embroidery, to what will be your wedding dress and thanks to which you can completely overturn the initial idea if you were not convinced that you made the right choice!

I assure you that after an intense previous journey, this is difficult.

Fabrics and accessories

And finally, here we are, the choice of your fabric, your embroideries, your accessories and at this moment you will really feel as an integral part of the realization of your dream, you will understand what is behind the tailoring work of a custom-made dress and you will understand its value entering an almost magical dimension!

So, you will arrive at the first fitting, the one that will finally see you wearing the wedding dress of your dreams.

From this moment on everything will go in crescendo, with the second, third and fourth fittings until the final result is perfect for you.

I assure you that even before the most important day of your life begins you will find yourself in the atelier filled with pure emotion!

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