Fabrics for Wedding Dresses: and what are you made of?

Simona Celani
19 February 2018
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With this title I want to start a series of articles related to what most represents me and of which I have a professional competence that allows me to better advise my brides trying to merge into a single direction, namely that of the choice or realization of their wedding dress, four fundamental elements: physicality, personality, fabric and style of marriage.

Yes, because a dress is not only what you will see worn by the bride on her wedding day but it is much more, it is the story of her cut and its forms, it is the origin of her fabric that can be as natural as the therefore VIVO silk, is a psychological and physical state.

The different fabrics for the wedding dress

The fabrics are endless and with various characteristics, we move from the Taffetà with an almost rigid and luminous structure suitable for precious clothes of which the bride can even hear the rustling noise of the Brocade with floral themes and a heavier silk for clothes made and suitable also in winter for a bride with a decisive and enterprising character, with silk chiffon instead thin and fluffy tied to more romantic dresses with soft lines on which to play in empire style cuts for a more curvy bride who wants to hide the roundness and maybe enhance her breasts, at Mikado of Japanese origin suitable for structured dresses at Grace Kelly, for a really princely style!

Not to mention the satin, very light and shiny, with contained volumes that slide on the body to delinearlo totally so suitable for a pretty slim woman and then the Organza or the timeless Pizzo of which there are different types like Chantilly, Sangallo, Tombolo , Burano, Honiton for a young and sexy or retro and a little vintage wedding.

From the dress, its fabric and style we can certainly outline the theme of the wedding, the choice of the season, the location, the colors of the event or the style of the whole stationery, creating in a natural way, the mood desired by newlyweds.

In the next articles we will examine the specific characteristics of these wonderful fabrics one by one.

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